Interview with Ivan Pozo-Illas, Aka Atrayo

Ivan Pozo-Illas is the author of Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues: Volume jewels_of_truth_the_journey_of_the_soul_continues-pozo-illas_a_k_a_atrayo_ivan_a-32850670-556066055-frntl3, which I reviewed in exchange for a donation to the Borgen Project. Jewels of Truth is definitely Reading for a Better World because it gives positive guidance and promotes tolerance and love for all and I was happy to review it, especially because Atrayo’s writing process is so intriguing and unlike anything I’ve ever heard of.

While I cannot say I completely understand the contents in Ivan’s books or his very unique writing process, I have definitely had a memorable experience working with him. I’m also extremely grateful for his extreme patience with the turnaround time for the review and my lack of understanding in spiritual matters.

LQ: Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Well, from a Florida native having lived in Miami my hometown for about 24 years and another as a transplant in Sarasota, Florida over 22 years now. I’m single no kids no pets, however, deeply spiritually versus being deeply religious. It’s par for the course for me since I have spent 22 years doing clairvoyant automatic writing on and off. Back in 2015 when this third volume was published by Iuniverse. I came out of the psychic-medium closest since up until that time my family hadn’t the faintest clue. Glady, my parents, siblings, and some cousins have been open-minded at least on a minimal basis.
I also live like a monk although unaffiliated to any one faith tradition in particular. God in the plural sense is my inclusive universal faith. The closest to my faith tradition I suppose could be the Persian Ba’Ha faith that is also inclusive of all religions as well. But, that doesn’t necessarily make me a follower of Ba’ha.
(In Clairvoyan automatic writing) one simply steps away from the ego mindset and expands the horizon to what would be considered as inspirational. Much like when an Artist as a Performer or an Athlete enters the zone on a consistent basis.
LQ: You say you use clairvoyant automatic writing. What does that mean exactly? 
Clairvoyant Automatic writing is when one enters into a semi-trance in terms of unconscious writing. One simply steps away from the ego mindset and expands the horizon to what would be considered as inspirational. Much like when an Artist as a Performer or an Athlete enters the zone on a consistent basis. I can enter such a zone at will with our without meditations and/or with prayer. Although the latter exercises as forms of worship improve somewhat the quality what I channel in benevolent spiritual wisdom writings.
The automatic writing traditional received a major revival during the Spiritualist movement during the Victorian 19th century period. Now it’s one clairvoyant technique for disseminating information from a spiritual source. Be it the Angels or some other entity. Sorta like an Ouiji board but in this case, it is with a pen and paper or a typing keyboard.
LQ: How do you incorporate spirituality into your daily life?
As you alluded to in your book review of “Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues, Volume 3”. My brand of spirituality is part self-taught and otherwise under the tutelage of the Angels as a psychic-medium. Not all psychic-mediums wear their faith on their sleeve like myself many are very secular in nature. However, doing automatic writing for over 22 years now it has transformed me on purpose and probably by a higher design. I’ve become a Sage with a Mystical Angelic bent that has had a profound way how I see our crazy world and now interact with it.
I worship God be he, she, it is monotheist or polytheist. Whatever inspired benevolent faith in the world there is that God or Goddess is as the feminine side of the Creator. I cherish all benevolent religions, spiritual traditions, and secular philosophies.
LQ: In your Goodreads biography, you say you’ve adopted an inclusive interfaith view of the world. Can you explain what an inclusive interfaith view of the world means to you?
 I may have slightly covered this in my initial question about myself. However, an Interfaith inclusive view of the world. I worship God be he, she, it is monotheist or polytheist. Whatever inspired benevolent faith in the world there is that God or Goddess is as the feminine side of the Creator. I cherish all benevolent religions, spiritual traditions, and secular philosophies. Some would say by following all these traditions I would stand for nothing. The beauty of being so spiritually forthright reveals to me how I practice living by a Holy Paradox. What appears like a Void of Nothing is quite the opposite paradoxically as the Absolute Totality of everything or the Omnipresence of the Creator. People that say they do not see God are looking through the wrong organ. God is experienced through the Heart first and not the eyes.

Another point this last 3rd volume of the “Jewels of Truth” series of channeled angelic wisdom is like a time capsule of my writings. From the span of 2011 to 2015 it marks the evolution of my heavenly inheritance from God as my divinity in action. My 1st book of the series “Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within, Volume 1” published in 2007 and the 2nd volume as “Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul” published on 2011 also by Iuniverse. Each is like stepping stones although you have rightly stated my Christian roots. I started off as Roman-Catholic as Cuban American but the Church, in my opinion, lost me since all I witnessed were politics and scandals.

LQ: What else would you like to share?
My blog site of now 12 years online at has over 500 of these spiritual wisdom statements as angelic channeled content freely available. To date, I have written over 3000+ of these statements and they keep on pouring out of me. I also channel solutions based conceptual designs as innovations for businesses, charities, governmental policy, and even some military technologies. Over 200 in these 12 years time are also located at “Atrayo‘s Oracle” blog site freely available as abstract summary statements. I often state in my biography paragraph that these inspirational Muse like gifts is for the next society to come. I also have a YouTube channel of “Atrayo‘s Oracle” with over 50 Vlog videos of the angelic channeled spiritual wisdom writings I do as well.

Perhaps when the Millennials take over the reigns from the Baby Boomers and the Gen X’ers that sold us out collectively in the 2nd Gilded Age on Earth to date. The Millennials are like the population rebirth of the Greatest Generation of the 20th century that survived the Great Depression and fought in War World 2. The Millennials have now survived the Great Recession with over a million American children in poverty to date. The Wars of the Middle East and elsewhere in succession military campaign after campaign is like one drawn out World War. The Greatest Generation after World War 2 rebuilt America and the World the Millennials will do in like kind during this Rennaissance of Global Technologies.

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Book Review: Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues by Ivan A. Pozo-Illas A.K.A Atrayo

jewels_of_truth_the_journey_of_the_soul_continues-pozo-illas_a_k_a_atrayo_ivan_a-32850670-556066055-frntlGenre: Non-fiction, Spiritual, Non-romance

Page Count: 258 pages

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Your spiritual journey of self-improvement continues in volume three of the Jewels of Truth series by Ivan A. Pozo-Illas, a.k.a. Atrayo. In this new compendium of 365 statements of spiritual wisdom, Atrayo shares daily inspirational tools to explore all of the must-haves in your life, including love, faith, forgiveness, and certainly, God(dess).

From these poignant and concise statements, rather than lengthy diatribes, you can easily and quickly find the essential kernel of truth to help you on your journey today.

No matter your religious or spiritual traditions or background, this volume is written from an all-inclusive perspective. Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues is the sacred and uplifting result of clairvoyant automatic writing as the genesis motivation to reach the masses. The channeled spirit teachers are all angelic in divine nature. They are nameless as a united continuum of the Holy Spirit.

Spirituality has a core need in our lives. No matter where you are on your journey, these messages of hope are shared in love.

Let me start off by saying that I am really not qualified to be reviewing this book. Ivan A. Pozo-Illas was generous enough to donate to the Borgen Project in exchange for an honest review. While I am happy to do it, I am probably not doing this book justice.

As someone with absolutely no background in philosophy or religion, this was a difficult book to get through and review.

I do know that despite the author’s claims of it being all-inclusive for all religious backgrounds, the book was more tilted to the Christian faith, with most of the proverbs talking about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. There were plenty of mentions of God(dess) as well, which was the basically only indication these statements of wisdom were not strictly for Christian. While Mohammed, Buddha, and Krishna are mentioned maybe four times, and always in a list of other important religious figures from different religions (never for their specific teachings), Jesus is mentioned 22 times, usually in passages like this:

It has been written in the Biblical New Testament that “Jesus the Christ” once stated that to enter the “Kingdom of God” one must be as innocent as a child in spirit.

On top of that, these statements of wisdom, to me at least, were pretty long and wordy. It was difficult to get through. A lot of the time I did not understand what was being said, but that could just be chalked up to my own ignorance on the subject.

This is probably more useful to people more educated about spirituality than me, but it is definitely not for the everyday person, at least not most of it. There were some things that were interesting, like this quote celebrating diversity in religions.

No one religion can have a monopoly on God and/or on his favoritism. To say so is a lie and a sin to the diversity within Creation itself.

For the people more educated about spirituality, this could be a useful book. For beginners like me, not as much. You can get Jewels of Truth at your local bookstore. By buying it through this link, you will also be supporting the Arbor Day Foundation.

Horrifyingly Sappy: The Band 4 The Air We Breathe

417drlnhqhl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational

Page Count: 324 pages (of nauseation)

Average Goodreads Rating: 3/5 stars (why, Goodreads? You’re usually so tough on books)

My Rating: 1.5/ 5 stars

Truthfully, this is actually a great story. Yeah. So great. It’s the perfect backstory for its horror sequel: The Martins Trump Manson on Body Count. 

As a romance it fucking sucks.

I don’t even know where to begin. This book is so full of sugary sap that it makes pasta covered in maple and chocolate syrup and marshmallows look appetizing.

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An Ozark Family Christmas

Four cousins want to visit their family in the Ozark mountains, willing to even drive through blizzards to get to Granny Forrester’s home. And on the way they find love just in time for the holidays.

This book is made up of four inspirational stories from four different authors. Some I liked and some I didn’t.

1) Making Memories

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